Status of Implementation of Policy and Law on Women’s Land Rights in Uganda

Uganda has a rich legal and regulatory environment hailed for its outstanding recognition of women’s rights. Policy and legal frameworks for redressing gender imbalances, harmonizing and streamlining the complex tenure regimes for equitable access to land and security of tenure exist. However, the presence of such impressive frameworks on the gender equality has not curtailed gender disparities. Even though Uganda’s economy has been steadily growing in the past 25 years and significant reduction in poverty has been recorded, over 7 million Ugandans are still trapped in chronic poverty. This report is compiled on the basis of review of literature, the professional experience of authors from more than 12 years of working in the land sector in Uganda. Information was also gathered through key informant interviews with selected civil society actors, government officials and opinions leaders on land matters in Uganda. Extensive discussions were held with team of lawyers that petitioned the Constitutional Court on the Succession Act from Law Uganda. Focus group discussions were carried out in Gulu and Apac and in central region district of Kiboga. Unless otherwise stated, all information in this report is the view and opinion of the authors.



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Addis Ababa

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