Pilot Survey of the Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI 2.0) and (WEAI 1.1) for the Feed the Future Initiative through IFPRI

This project was a pilot, aimed at testing various data collection tools and questions for purposes of adjusting the WEAI into a more coherent tool for use by USAID. We first undertook this assignment in 2011 and then the index was modified in 2014 and again we piloted it. Data collection included recruitment and training of enumeration teams, supervision of the teams, including logistics transportation, printing/ copy services and managing the data entry function o  n a template brought in by IFPRI. The methodology of this assignment had especially the pre-test had cognitive testing techniques that needed special capacity building functions and in the data collection process 2 different versions of questions were used concurrently.



Location within country:

Iganga, Luweero, Masaka, Kole and Amuru

Contact Person:

Hazel Malapit International Food Policy Research Institute H.Malapit@cgiar.org 2033 K St. NW | Washington, DC 20006 | www.ifpri.org


Starting Date:


Ending Date: