Land tenure security for men and women.


An educational video to be short by Kanooti Thomas and colleagues, on land tenure security platforms. This will include, evidence from a randomized control trial in Uganda at a house hold level intervention.

This will take place by the close of February.

This video aims to explain that, land is a crucial economic asset for women in poor rural communities: it is a key input for agricultural production; it can be used as collateral to access capital; and, it can generate income directly, if rented or sold. Land can provide women with economic security as they age, or in the event they become heads of households as a result of their husbands’ migration for work, abandonment or unfortunate death. Land is a valuable asset for the social access it provides: it can raise women’s status in their communities and can help shape women’s identity as producers and as productive and deserving members of their families and their communities.