Land tenure security for men and women: Evidence from a randomized control trial in Uganda – Pilot Household Level Intervention

The GIL intervention is supplementary to SLAAC; both aiming to deliver land titles but the GIL intervention is seeking to deliver more joint titles to marital partners. The two interventions will be implemented by two separate organisations.  SLAAC is a parish wide undertaking, while the GIL intervention is targeted, implementable only in randomly selected villages within […]

Uganda Post-Conflict Land Policy and Administration Options: The Case of Northern Uganda

The core objective of the second phase was to inform the PRDP for northern Uganda and the NLP with respect to land laws, policies and administration arrangements needed to ensure a peaceful return of IDPs to their places of origin. The study was conducted mainly at two levels; the community and the district (mainly leadership and stakeholders This phase […]

Analysis of post conflict land policy and land administration: A survey of IDP return and settlement issued for lesson

The core objective of the study was to inform the PRDP for northern Uganda and the National Land Policy of the government with respect to land policy and administration framework, including legal provisions and institutions, needed to ensure a peaceful return of the IDPs to their places of origin. At the height of displacement in northern Uganda, there were […]

Post conflict land policy and administration – Lessons from return and settlement of IDPs in Soroti district

The core objective of this study was to provide an input into the design of the Northern Uganda PRDP and National Land policy with respect to post-conflict land policy and administration framework. The purpose was to identify: types of land conflicts and claims on return; their prevention, resolution and adjudication mechanisms including legal provisions, formal and informal institutions; gaps in […]