The Young Researchers’ Forum

The Young Researchers' Forum is supported by the FORD Foundation has enabled us to pilot how to strengthen policy focus in research while remaining conscious of scholarly concerns about empirical...


Gender Innovations Lab Project

The Gender Innovations Lab of the World Bank has contracted us to work alongside the systematic demarcation team from Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development (MLHUD) to implement a household...

Developing an Educational Video for the GIL Intervention

October-December, 2015

Together with the Gender Innovations Lab of the World Bank develop an Educational Video for use in...

Data collection on CCOs implementation and impacts

December, 2015-January, 2016

With support from the Ford Foundation, our Young Researchers Forum, will undertake a study on...

Pre-testing the GIL household intervention protocol in Jinja and Sheema

November, 2015-January, 2016

Together with the Gender Innovations Lab of the World Bank undertake field visits to Jinja...

The services are offered on 'partnership' or 'commission' basis

Under partnership, there is a collaborative process to undertake research between ourselves and the ‘partner’ while under commission, we are prompted by the ‘client’ to undertake research

Under partnership, all aspects of the research process are our concern, roles and responsibilities agreed with the partner apply.

Under commission, only the aspects of the research process that the client stipulates in the terms of reference will apply.

We provide skills development/ training in monitoring and evaluation, strategic planning, indicator development and cost effective and expedient data collection techniques.

We provide monitoring end evaluation systems planning and design to suite different institutional information flow arrangements and reporting responsibilities. These can also be designed as instructional manuals or web- based applications.

We support clients and partners with capacity building in the use of research findings to craft advocacy messages and to design evidence based communiques like policy briefs, abstracts, document abridged versions etc.

We have impeccable capacity to write research proposals, inception reports, research designs, data collection plans, data management templates, data analysis plans and research reports. All can be written either as document manuals or we can translate them into applications for up load onto any platform or device of choice.